About Us


About Us

DJ Speicher started in this industry at the turn of the century in early 2000, at a recognizable big box store.  High Definition and affordable DVD player’s were hitting the market and the very real possibility for everyone to own a home theater was becoming a reality.

After a few years of local apprenticeship at some of the most prestigious AV firms, he struck out on his own, instantly creating audio and video environments that keep the integrity of home design while integrating audio, video, lighting and climate control, and surveillance into an easy and reliable aspect of daily living.

Utilizing new technologies from Apple, URC, Yamaha, and top speaker brands, we have been consistently able to integrate system components under one uniform control allowing ease of use and creating confidence in the experience. The design can be basic or elaborate, with Home Theater Solutions working with you through the discovery process. As there is not a “one size fits all” for your unique needs, we have spent the last 13 years cultivating an understanding that system design can mean different things to different people. Our clients know they want simplicity, but do not want to lose out on valuable features that enhance the experience.

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