4 Home Theater Trends in 2015

4 Home Theater Trends in 2015

If you’re just getting into the home theater realm, you’re likely exploring all your possibilities as well as what’s hot in the market right now. Take a look at some key trends in the industry so you can have a better idea of what’s popular and how it may fit into your likes and needs as you go through the home theater construction and design process.

Hybrid Rooms

Home theater owners are becoming more practical with their space, designing them as functional and friendly for different types of events and gatherings. Home theaters may double as media or game rooms, as well as family rooms for good, old-fashioned hangouts. This typically involves more traditional furniture, like chaise lounges and sofas.

Multiple Screens

Gone are the days of a single screen. Home theater lovers are increasingly shifting toward multiple and dual screens in their sacred media spaces. Multiple screens are executed in a number of ways, depending on how the room is most often used.

For example, home theaters focused around entertainment and party areas may have screens on different walls of the room, so that guests can orient themselves toward whichever programming tickles their fancy. Other home theaters may incorporate two or more flatscreens on the same wall or a flatscreen covered by a larger projection screen to provide entertainment for major events or movie nights.

A Decline in In-Wall Speakers

Many home theaters are seeing a shift from more-traditional in-wall speakers to floorstanding tower speakers and bookshelf speakers. While in-wall speakers are great for maximizing space and hiding equipment, other types of speakers are known to produce higher quality audio for our viewing pleasure. They can also add a special look to the completed home theater that was once viewed as less desirable by home theater owners.

Social Connectedness

Tablets and smartphones are even making their way into the home theater realm. In addition to these 21st-century devices being used to control volume and change channels, they can even be used as viewing screens. For those with social media addictions, this can accommodate your desire to tweet about the Superbowl even as you’re watching it!

Networking devices like dedicated media streamers, networked gaming consoles, and smart TVs are also making their way into today’s home theater. So if you’re thinking of going the traditional route, consider exploring your options for making your home theater more web-friendly and accessible.

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