4 Ideas for Installing a TV in the Kitchen

4 Ideas for Installing a TV in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so having a TV in the kitchen makes sense for some families. Having a television in the kitchen can help the family to bond while meals are being prepared and can be a source of inspiration for different dishes. When including a TV in the kitchen design, however, it is important to make sure that it is installed so that it will be easily viewable, but will not get in the way of kitchen activities.

Group the TV with Other Appliances

Designating a specific wall of the kitchen for appliances or grouping appliances together in one area can free space in the rest of the kitchen, creating a more functional area. Mounting the TV with appliances can make it easy to view while working on counter spaces. When deciding upon the optimal place for TV mounting, be sure to consider how the heat of the appliances that will surround the TV will affect the TV. Also consider how certain appliances may obstruct the TV while in use.

Place the TV Higher for Easier Viewing

Placing a TV high up in the kitchen can allow family and guests to view the TV while standing or while congregating in different areas of the kitchen. Mounting the TV in a high place is not ideal for regular viewing, as it can cause discomfort in the neck and shoulders when viewed for too long. High TV mounting is an ideal solution for kitchens in which the TV will be an option for entertainment, but not the primary focus of the room.

Conceal the TV Inside of a Cabinet

Mounting the TV inside of a cabinet can help you to keep the appearance of the kitchen consistent and hide the TV away when you wish. Placing the TV inside of a cabinet with hideaway doors that slide rather than open out can make the kitchen more aesthetically pleasing while the TV is being viewed. The TV may also be mounted on a pull-out tray inside of the cabinet so that it can be positioned optimally when in use.

Mount a Smaller TV Underneath Cabinets

If a TV will serve primarily as a source of entertainment during meal preparation, mounting a smaller TV underneath the cabinets may be optimal. The corner of a kitchen underneath cabinets is usually out of the way of kitchen activities, but easily viewable from anywhere in the room, so this may be the perfect spot to mount a TV. In front of the sink may also work well for those that wish to be entertained while doing dishes.

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