Light Bulbs with Bluetooth Speakers Can Transform Your Home Theater

Light Bulbs with Bluetooth Speakers Can Transform Your Home Theater

Sony has recently announced that it will soon release a product that could change the way your home theater system works. The engineers at Sony have figured out how to put Bluetooth speaker technology into an environmentally-friendly LED light bulb. This allows speakers to fit into spaces that only light bulbs could fit into before. The wireless technology makes it a great addition to any home theater or living room space.

Control at the Touch of a Button

The wireless Bluetooth technology allows you to control both the light and the sound from your smart phone or tablet. The speakers and light can also be controlled from a specially-enabled remote. This allows you to pause dim the lights and the volume to create a more intimate feel or to light up the room and pump up the volume for maximum entertainment capability. If someone comes to the door, you can easily mute the volume for the conversation and resume the volume with the flick of a finger

Wireless Speakers

By utilizing Bluetooth’s wireless capabilities, these new light bulbs potentially allow you to create perfect sound in any room. Imagine no more wires cluttering up the floor space or hiding behind furniture and under rugs. You can have sound from any place you would put a light bulb, allowing you to use the light rays to visualize the sound output. These light bulbs allow you to create your ideal surround sound setup with the added benefit of ambient lighting, all of which you can control from your smart phone.

High on Luxury, Low on Impact

Perhaps one of the best features is that, in addition to the wireless capabilities, these elegant lights are made from long-lasting, low-impact LED bulbs. Not only do these bulbs help save on pollution and energy costs, they’re also extremely sleek and appealing to the eye. Now you can feel even better about adding that modern touch to your home theater or living room.

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