In the Future, Your Television Screen Will Jump Out At You

In the Future, Your Television Screen Will Jump Out At You

Every year you are able to upgrade and update your television screen with bigger, sharper screens. You can even purchase projection options that are as crisp as any flat screen. Soon though, the unimaginable will be your reality, what you are watching will be able to literally come off of your television!

A New Interface for Your Home Theater

The European research group GHOST (generic, highly-organic shape-changing interfaces) has been working tirelessly for years creating ways we can manipulate our entertainment interfaces. They have developed various interface technologies that allow for the user to manipulate an object’s shape and size. They have been able to achieve this using technology called ultrasound levitation.

Ultrasonics Levitate 3D Objects

Previously, levitation of objects was only capable due with compressed air or magnetic fields. More recently experimenters have started perfecting the use of ultrasonic beams to suspend objects. This method produces no audible sounds.

Television Screens that Aren’t Made of Glass

The first obstacle researchers needed to overcome was a glass screen’s inability to bend without breaking. They went forward creating a lycra surface that a user could press, pinch, and pull at. When a finger presses onto the screen a camera captures 3D depth data that scientists use with a series of complex algorithms to measure depth when an item is manipulated or pulled forth from the screen.

Creating Your 3D World

Once you combine both ultrasound levitation with the lycra screen and algorithms, scientist state that suspended 3D models in air will be the result. The research group has created an invisible 3D hologram that can be felt, seen, and manipulated. The technology is designed in a way that allows for objects near the item you are manipulating to be impacted and react to your actions.

3D Interface Is Almost Here

The GHOST group anticipate this 3D model interface to be available on your cell phones within the next 5 years. They are working to apply practical applications for it like topography maps. The immediate application for such technology would be in healthcare, but any commercial growth will come from the boom in home entertainment and gaming industries. Allowing us to reach out and touch the world we are watching and playing in.

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