Tips and Tricks for TV Installation

Tips and Tricks for TV Installation

Televisions have come a long way in the last few years, offering much better picture and sound quality than was available in the past. Televisions have also gotten larger and flatter, so in many cases it makes sense to mount the TV on the wall. TV installation may seem like a simple endeavor, but one wrong move can damage your precious new equipment – or your wall. Instead of blindly diving into installing your new TV, consider the following tips and tricks.

Select Your Spot Carefully

After installing your TV, it should stay in the same place for a long time. Make sure that the place you select is perfect for your purposes. When sitting where you normally will to watch shows and movies, you should be able to look straight and slightly down at the TV. Having to look up to see the television can give you a sore neck and may affect the way that you see the picture.

Don’t Install Above a Fireplace

Many people decide to install TVs above fireplaces, as this seems like a natural focal point for the room. Installing the television above the fireplace can be challenging in the first place because of the material that will need to be drilled through, but the TV will also be poorly positioned for viewing. Additionally, if you use the fireplace often, the heat can shorten the life of your TV.

Find the Studs and Mount the Bracket

After you have decided upon the perfect area to install your TV, you must find the studs that you will mount the bracket on. Use a stud finder, but don’t trust it completely because they can sometimes make errors. Instead, poke a small hole in the wall where you suspect the stud is located just to be certain. Mark, measure, and double check everything before mounting the bracket. If necessary, you can drill holes in the bracket to better accommodate the positioning of the studs.

Run the Cords inside the Wall

Cords are messy and can ruin the way that an otherwise beautifully installed TV looks. To properly hide the cords inside the wall, purchase an in-wall power extension (IWPE.) This will make it safe and easy to hide all of your wires. Make sure that you purchase cables that have plenty of extra length so that you do not run into the problem of trying to stretch wire and possibly damage your equipment.

Consider Hiring a Professional

If you are inexperienced with TV installation, it may be worthwhile to hire a professional. Having a professional install your TV cuts out the risks to your equipment and walls and can save you time and frustration. A professional may also be able to install your TV in places that you may not have considered and may be able to help you optimize your sound system setup.

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